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Central Region Real Estate

The Central Region is prime real estate in Singapore. Not only does the Central Region encompasses the prime residential districts of 9, 10 and 11, it also covers the entire central business district of Singapore. The Central Region is further split into the Core Central Region (CCR) and the Rest of Central Region (RCR).  These are common acronyms that one will see when classifying Singapore’s real estate. The Central Region has everything that Singapore has to offer – Orchard Road shopping, casinos, Sentosa island, hotels, entertainment, office skyscrapers and the famous marina bay skyline. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Central Region is the price leader, sets the benchmark real estate prices and commands a premium price.

Real estate demand in Central region is significantly driven by foreign investors compared to other regions. For example, a new condo in the Central region easily has 25% of its buyers being foreigners, compared to about 1% if the new condo is situated outside of the central region. Thus, the residential real estate in the Central region is more affected by the stamp duty imposed on foreigner purchase. In 2023, the additional stamp duty for foreigner has doubled from 30% to 60%, putting a dampening effect on foreign investors’ demand for Central region’s real estate.

Central Condos for Sale

Elevation of Blossoms by the Park

Blossoms By The Park

BLOSSOMS By The Park Located at One-north (District 5) New Launch by EL Development Pte Ltd Request Brochure Book Preview EL Development’s BLOSSOMS By the

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Building elevation of The Reserve Residences

The Reserve Residences

THE RESERVE Residences Integrated Development at Jalan Anak Bukit (District 21) By Far East Organization & Sino Group Request Brochure Book Preview The Reserve Residences,

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Condos Near Schools

Among the prominent schools located in Central are Raffles Girls Primary School, Nanyang Primary School, Henry Park Primary School and Methodist Girls’ School. Condos in their vicinity include –

Condos With Marina Bay Views

Marina Bay is one of the most attractive city skyline that the city has to offer.  Condos that have a great view of the marina bay includes –

Buying a Condo in Central Region

The Central region includes areas like Orchard, Bukit Timah, Novena, and Marina Bay, each offering something different to the buyer. One of the factors that people consider when buying in the central region is the ‘brand’ effect. Having an address in the central districts also provide a certain social status not unlike those conferred by luxury brands. Here are the pros and cons in buying a condo in Marine Parade.

  • Prime Location: The Central region is the heart of Singapore and offers convenient access to major business districts, shopping centers, entertainment hubs, and cultural attractions. This can significantly enhance your overall lifestyle and convenience.
  • Excellent Connectivity: Central areas are well-connected through an extensive public transportation network, including MRT stations, buses, and major roads. This can make commuting and getting around the city much easier. As all MRT lines aims to bring commuters from other parts of Singapore into the Central region, the Central region has the most MRT interchanges, at a total of 15. One can easily find a connecting line with the central region.
  • Appreciation Potential: Properties in prime locations tend to have a higher potential for capital appreciation over time, which can be beneficial if you’re looking at real estate as an investment. You can also find most freehold condos in the Central region.
  • Services: Central region is often the magnet for the best services since it is the point where it is most convenient for anyone living in Singapore to come to. Therefore, both specialised services and renowned brands in medical, art, culinary or entertainment tend to locate themselves in the Central region. These enhances your quality of life and offer added convenience.
  • Cultural and Recreational Opportunities: The Central region is home to numerous cultural and recreational facilities, Botanical gardens, museums and theaters. This can provide a diverse range of activities for you and your family.
  • High Cost: Properties in the Central region are generally more expensive compared to other areas in Singapore. The cost of living and property prices can be significantly higher, making it a substantial financial commitment.
  • Limited Space: Central areas are densely populated, which can result in limited living space, both within your condo and in the surrounding neighborhoods. Condos in the central tend to be smaller in size compared to the outside central area.
  • Noise and Congestion: Central areas can be noisy and congested, particularly during peak hours. Traffic and noise pollution might be more prevalent, impacting your overall comfort. Most of the condo are car owners as well, adding traffic to the surrounding areas.
  • Maintenance Fees: Condos come with maintenance fees to cover the cost of shared facilities and services. In the Central region, these fees can be relatively higher due to the higher-end amenities and services provided.

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The most exciting developments happening in Central Region is the Greater Southern Waterfront, which extends from Pasir Panjang to Marina East.  This area will be transformed into a new major gateway and location for waterfront urban living along Singapore’s southern coast over the next 20 years.