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Punggol is a new town located in the Northeast region of Singapore. It’s closest neighbour to the South is Sengkang and to the East is Pasir Ris. It is predominantly a public housing estate, with about 12 private condominiums.

Punggol 21 is a new initiative to turn Punggol into a waterfront town. The waterways in Punggol cuts across the town and with residential condos and public housing lining both sides of the 4.2km long man-made waterway.  The waterway offers many options for water sports including kayaking, canoeing, and jogging along the two sides of the waterway. The opening of Waterfront Point mall in 2016 right next to Punggol MRT creates a natural human traffic magnet and revitalised the area. With a large mall servicing the residents, they do not have to travel too far for all their shopping needs.

The most exciting plan for Punggol is that the government has earmark this area to become Singapore’s mini “Silicon Valley”. In the masterplan, the Punggol North digital district will become the heart of digital and cyber-security industries. Cyber Security Agency of Singapore and other relevant digital-related government agencies are expected to move to Punggol. A new cluster of cybersecurity and technology firms are expected to set up in Punggol.

By 2024, the Singapore Institute of Technology will be moving its 6 campuses situated at different parts of Singapore to Punggol Campus. Punggol will become not only the Silicon Valley but a university town.  With 91,000 sqm of land for the university, it will accommodate 12,000 students which is about one third the student population of Nanyang Technological University. These students from all over the world will be looking for accommodation and condos in Punggol are well positioned to capture that demand.

Condos for Sale in Punggol

Condos Near Schools

Punggol Green Primary School is one of the more popular school in Punggol. Condos in its vicinity include – 

Condos With Sea Views

The key selling point in Punggol 21 initiative is the man-made waterway that cuts across the town. Condos that lined the waterway are the premium condos as the waterway offers much more quality of life and views. There are – 

Buying a Condo in Punggol

Punggol is predominantly a HDB housing estate that is popular with families. As the families grow and expand, they will look to upgrade to condo in an environment that they are used to. Therefore, the demand for condos in Punggol will be from the families currently staying in Punggol and wanting to stay near their family. 

Buying a condo in Punggol is a good move considering its future development. Not only is it a popular place for families, the future demand for accommodation from workers and students in the Punggol area ensures that rental will be good. Here are the pros and cons in buying a condo in Punggol.

  • Future development: The strongest point for buying in Punggol is it being earmark as the Silicon Valley for Singapore and the campus for Singapore Institute of Technology. With a working district and university situated in Punggol, it will add a lot of diversity and characteristics to Punggol.
  • Quiet Residential Area: Located at the Northeastern end of Singapore, people who travel to Punggol are mostly residents. You don’t bypass Punggol to get to anywhere, therefore the traffic and people generally are limited to residents staying around.
  • Amenities: Waterfront Point is the biggest shopping mall in Punggol and it has offers everything you need without heading to the city.  
  • Affordable Property prices: When the development of Punggol as a digital district takes pace and it starts hosting many companies, the rental and prices of condos around these areas will see an adjustment.
  • Roads out of the Punggol area is limited to 3 main exit points and these can get traffic jam especially during peak hours.
  • Connectivity of Punggol is currently limited to the North-East MRT line. Getting to other MRT lines requires quite a number of stops from Punggol, it being the final stop of the North-East line. 

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While Punggol is serviced by only one MRT station, it has LRT feeder trains cutting across the entire estate comprising a network of 14 LRT train stations.

The cross-island MRT line planned for operational from 2029 to 2031 will benefit Punggol as Punggol MRT will be one of the interchange for the cross-island MRT line. This will link Punggol to Pasir Ris and to the Changi Aviation park.  Punggol MRT cross island line station is expected to be completed by 2031.